Nordic's best Cs:GO servers

For players Who succeed

If You Keep attempting, you will eventually succeed

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The experience

From players to players.

DG as we all know it these days started of as a one man esports clan. Since then we have quickly developed into something great.

We have gone through many phases which some have driven us to quit, but every time we have come back. Stronger every time.

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what we do

everything with passion
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Our CS:GO servers are top of the line, we always keep the ball rolling and improve.

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We are always keen on improving and innovating. Player experience is the salt to our fries.

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Our growing community of players and staff is magical. Join the movement and become a successful player!

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We help

If you are faced with a problem we help. Period. If you need help with something on the server or someone is hacking, we are always there!

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vips / support

Best nordic gaming experience

Why would you want to consider supporting us? Well.. We too are no magical organization, we have big expenses too. 🙂

Vip – Rank

From 4€

Supporter – Rank

From 6€

Donator – Rank

What ever you want 😉

Admin – Rank

Nope, not for sale 🙂

Owner – Rank

What would you guess?

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We have the best

Our staff means a lot to us, that’s why we recruit only good people. We currently have couple admins working on keeping the servers clean.

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The noob

Pyry also known as Hypixc is the founder and owner of the organization


The og

Riku has been playing CS for more than 18 years. He is our PR expert.