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DG eSports currently exist as a memory and legacy to once promising team of young enthusiastic CS:GO players. To keep the legacy alive we still host 2 of our favourite servers. Still to this day our community plays 

We have gone through many phases which some have driven us to quit, but every time we have come back. Stronger every time.

DG as we all know it these days started of as a one man esports clan. Since then we have quickly developed into something great.

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DigitalGrafite eSports. It’s an old name.

As a legacy we have kept our old about us page here. Today we only host Retake servers for people to play on but a long time ago we were something bigger and promising.

DG was a Finnish Counter-Strike eSports organization. We aimed to chip in to Nordic Counter-Strike community by being the cleanest, friendliest and the best org that can exist. DigitalGrafite is a non-profit organization focused on players’ personal improvement and providing a wide array of CS:GO servers, as far as supporters allow us to.

Our roots date back to 2016. It all started as a small private steam group (still exists) named “DigitalGrafite”. Blowing expectations the group turned into a 5-man lineup, had decent success at local LANs, a DG-titled public server was built and even had young players excited to play for a DG farm team. Some have said the main lineup truly had a sliver of promise in their horizons but. All good things come to an end, just some sooner than others.

Throughout the years we’ve learnt a great deal about Counter-Strike communities. Shit’s not been that easy for DigitalGrafite but we are proud to have contributed to the CS scene.

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